18650 Battery Holder Background

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While planning to build a DIY bike light, I looked into purchasing a battery pack. These were comparatively expensive compared to the individual 18650 Lithium Ion cells I was using in my MTE P7 torch, so I started to look around for holders to take these in the same way that AA and C cells can be assembled.

After I drew a blank on commercially available holders, I started investigating how I would make one of my own.

With lots of feedback from various forums, specifically mountain biking ones, the holder progressed from the simple and basic concept on the left to the slightly more polished article on the right

Various forums suggested that it would be a nice idea to produce a replacement battery tube to screw into the MTE P7 torch. While this was an interesting concept which I developed into a prototype, the internal dimensions of the P7 seemed to change from batch to batch, so it wasn't feasible to produce a universal adaptor. While this is charted in the progress page, it has not developed into a fully fledged product.

I now have fully working holders which take 18650 cells, which are available in various wiring configurations.

I also have neoprene pouches suitable for mounting the battery holder to a bicycle or simply protecting them in a pocket or back-pack.