18650 Dummy Cell

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With regret, Turboferret Industries has ceased production due to personal reasons. Once stocks have run out, trading will stop completely. Please note stock levels for individual parts on the buy page when ordering. These will be updated daily, but may not be totally up to date, so adjustments may be required subsequent to your purchase. Many thanks for all of the support over the past year.

Holders are no longer available soldered. All parts will be delivered assembled, and instructions for wiring to give the appropriate configurations will be available. Kits will be available in component form only, not fully assembled.

Cast in polyurethane resin and with copper end contacts.

This is to provide a solution to people wanting to use an external battery pack with an MTE P7 torch, but don't want to 'cut and shut' their battery tube. It is still a DIY solution requireing soldering, but less bodging than and requiring fewer tools some other methods.

A hole needs to be drilled in the side of the torch to thread the power cable in or a slot cut down through the tail threads, and this has to be soldered to the short wires coming from the dummy cell. Slots are built in to enable the dummy cell to be insterted into the torch with clearance for the cable. Some of the above photos are shown with a small copper disc, production ones use copper rivets for the contacts.

Without leads - ready to solder 9


Please be aware that these are not mass-produced injection moulded items, they are hand cast in small numbers by hand using silicon moulds. Although the quality of the holders is good, please expect the odd small air bubble due to the moulding process. If this puts you off, you should look elsewhere.

Lead Time
Turboferret is now based in Dubai for 3 weeks a month, but returning to the UK once a month. Production continues, but despatch will be on a monthly basis from the UK, lead time will therefore be typically 3 weeks, but should never be any more than 1 month. Contact me to find out when I will next be shipping orders.