18650 Battery Holder Project History

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Photos from the initial conception of the holder, through refining of the idea to pattern making, prototyping, moulding, casting to finished item.

Also are concepts for MTE P7 torch adaptor and prototype, although due to changing dimensions, this was decided impractical to become a fully fledged universal attachment.

After fruitlessly searching for holders for 18650 lithium ion cells, I decided to make my own. this was initially going to be a pair of ends, with configurable tracks inside to determine the wiring of the pack, either 4 cells in series, 4 cells in parallel, or a combination of them both, 2 pairs of series cells wired in parallel. This would be very simple to make, cast out of some sort of resin due to the size of the end parts. A central bolt would hold the 2 ends together to allow for any discrepancies in cell lengths.