1987 Suzuki DR750S Apr 2002 Ė Mar 2005

First bike, a rather unorthodox introduction to 2 wheeled motoring. Bought cheap from a beakers, devoid of ignition or clocks. Starting involved lifting the seat, and shorting out the started relay with a spanner! A friend managed to drop the bike at moderate speed in a car park the day I collected the bike, but this was the only time it went down in my ownership. Fashioned a new dash at work, and starting could now be done with a key. After passing a 3-day direct access course on a Kawasaki ER5, which felt tiny and gutless, the DR felt like a proper bike. The original exhaust fell off, so I fabricated a new stainless silencer, which gave it a nice low throaty voice. Was remarkably competent, and good for 2-up work, and with 2 large fuel tanks, had a very good range. Was also a huge amount of fun o ff-road, although very hard work, as 2 KTMís will testify, seeing me sweating and toiling up a rocky climb, which they breezed up.

I can say that should decide to trap a digit in a moto-cross jack-up stand, you may wish to select a slightly lighter bike than a DR750. As the X-ray shows, I put a nice break in my thumb, which kept me off the bike for a couple of weeks. What looks like a large piece of metal inserted in my wrist is in fact just a cuff-link...