1989 Saab 900 T16 Convertible Nov 2002 –Dec 2003

My second Saab, this one was fettled to be faster than the first, but I never got round to bypassing the over-boost fuel cut valve. As a result you needed to watch the turbo boost meter as your drove, because too much sustained throttle would result in head butting the steering wheel as the ECU cut the fuel. The car used to creak and groan a lot over uneven surfaces, as the chassis twisted and bent while struggling to put down. It suffered an altercation with another road user whilst being driven by a friend which required a bit of beating back into shape. Blew a radiator quite spectacularly while on the rollers of an MOT station having its brakes tested. Remarkably was sold on for a profit, despite requiring a new roof. Fun open top car, but not exactly a drivers machine.