1988 Saab 900 T16 June 99 Feb 2002

Landlady at the time raved about Saabs, so being an impressionable young character, went to look at one locally, and foolishly bought the first one I saw. Discovered a couple of weeks later that the wheels were completely the wrong offset, and that the rears were rubbing on the inside of the wheel arches. Was nice and fast, especially after being fiddled with by the local Saab specialist. Fitted a nice stereo with a big amp and sub which sounded fantastic. Had a good run down to Le-Mans one year, mainly navigating by the moon. Sadly decided to increase the boost, which made it silly fast, but for a rather short period of time. Blew a head gasket, and instead of fixing it, inexplicably bought a Citroen instead, only fixing the Saab after the Citroen died a while later. Sold when it required a lot of work to get through an MOT, including a rather large hole in the floor. Very relaxing competent car, with a cavernous boot.