1990 Honda VFR 750FL Mar 2003 Mar 2005

Bought from my cousin, and was in good condition for its age. I abused it horribly, but it was a good introduction to quick bikes, handling very well, and not being too fast. Locked up the front wheel on the approach to a roundabout, and dropped the bike at about 60mph, and bounced along behind it as it slid down the road. The result could have been a lot worse, although my jean clad knee took some time to heal. After patching up what was mainly superficial damage, the VFR was back on the road, until it split its oil filter, the day before I had planned to change it, and killed the engine. I sourced a new engine, but after rebuilding it, a rogue electrical glitch stopped it running after about 30 miles. Flogged on eBay for a reasonable sum, and replaced with a Suzuki TL1000S.